Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September Goals


So I've decided I need to set myself some monthly goals.  I tend to get excited about projects and things I'd LIKE to do every month...but the reality hits and I do too much of one thing, and not enough of another.  Im making my list, making it public, and I will check back in at the end of the month and let you know my results!


September will be my starting point...so here we go!


{one} Today I started my latest 24 Day Challenge by Advocare, therefore I need to exercise times a week.  I've failed the last few challenges because I didn't set goals, I didn't push myself, and I got lazy.


{two} NO SPENDING!  Im putting myself on budget and saying no to frivolous spending.  I'd like to start making a dent in the student loans and really start clearing my plate.  Which also means I need to work more OT to increase those paychecks!


{three} This weekend I rested, and for those of you who know me personally, this was HUGE!  I found a new love for my couch, quilt and puppy love.  As I was laying around, re-watching The Office, I decided to declare Sundays as No Project Sundays.  I need to rest more, I need to enjoy the house more, I need to spend more time with my Mr. and the pups.  Enjoy what I already have, what I have already done to the house, and rest my body.  Im not getting any younger.


{four}  Keep up with the household chores daily instead of having to do them all on my day off.  Things like a load of laundry a day, sweep the kitchen daily, mop Saturday morning, etch.  I think I will feel better about spreading it all out.


{five}  Work on the shed plans that we will be rebuilding the first weekend of November.  Figure out the design, make a shopping list, see what I can find on Craigslist cheaper than having to buy a whole roll of something full price at the Depot.


Do you have any goals for the month??

Friday, July 25, 2014

Hello Friday!

 I'm linking up today with The Farmers Wife & September FARM for Oh Hey Friday!

Today's topic of choice....my top 5 beauty products!

{one}  Cleanser: AVEENO® CLEAR COMPLEXION Foaming Cleanser and CLEAR COMPLEXION Daily Moisturizer. I still get an occasional tiny break out here and there.  This line has a small amount of sylic acid, which helps prevent breakouts, but its also oil free.  The best part is, the wash doesn't dry my face out, and the moisturizer doesn't leave my face oily!

{two}  Foundation: Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup .  Its lightweight, its a matte finish, and I can get it in a pink undertone!  Its so hard to find a good foundation with a pink undertone.

{three}  Nail Polish: OPI Cajun Shrimp.  Its the perfect combo of deep coral I like.

{four} Razor: Bick Soleil  Yes, I use disposables.  My doctor told me that women should use a new razor every time, especially for the underarms because of bacteria growth.  So, I listened to the expert.  These are my favorite....smooth, moisturizing, and gets a close shave.

{five} Hair: Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oil Color Illuminate.  I color my hair...every 8 weeks....like clock work.  Currently, I am also letting my hair grow out, just to see what it would be like (plus its easier to work out when hair isnt all up in my face).  This oil treatment is awesome for keeping my hair healthy.  I use it as a per-treatment before I blow dry my hair (which I do every morning), and it keeps its smooth, nourished, and it allows the hair to dry faster.  After my post work out shower, I will do it once a week as a leave in conditioner before bed.  Best part is, its only $6 at most stores.

Marvelous Oil Color Illuminate

Do you use any of these products?  If not, and you've been looking for something like any of these, try them.  Im not a huge beauty routine kind of person, but I do love these prodcuts.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Oh Hey Friday!

 I'm linking up today with The Farmers Wife & September FARM for Oh Hey Friday!

Today's topic of choice....If I had 1 month off from work I would spend it doing....

{one}  I would rent a cottage in some cute little beach town and just soak it in.  Day trips to the beach, take naps in the middle of the afternoon, sit on the porch with a big glass of sweet tea during a rain storm, and enjoy some of the best food around at the little hole in the wall restaurants (cause we all know those are the best!).

{two}  Transform our back yard into the tropical paradise we're planning for.  I have big plans for the back yard, and I really cant wait to get started on them.

{three}  Remodel our kitchen.  I loath our kitchen.  Its small, there's not enough cabinets, there's no personality to it.  There's no room for a huge master change, but here is my inspiration just to update it.
{four} Focus on me, and really work on my body.  Get in shape, learn how to cook the proper meals for weight loss and health.  Just take a month off for ME!  Gym, massage, facials, etc.  You name it....get it all done!

{five} Sew!  My desire to get some projects done and create has hit, unfortunately there's no time right now.  I've got some holiday things in mind, like I do every year, and can never seem to get them done.  Are these little guys not the cutest?!?!

I wonder if I would get bored of being away from work after 1 week....hahahah!  WRONG!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Taking Stock

I came across this post from Abi and thought I’d join in. (original post here.)
I turned 32 this week. 31 wasn't too bad, but I think 32 will be amazing!. These days...I stay busy at work, don't see my friends enough, and cant seem to blog or get a project done around the house.  In my head, all of that is about to change, starting Saturday night when I meet my girls for a night of wine and catching up.

Making : dinner every night for the Mr. and I.  We rarely go out to eat.
Cooking : anything new, especially from the Cooking Light magazine I get every month.
Drinking : iced tea for sure, especially on these hot summer evenings.
Reading: my favorite blogs everyday
Wanting: get our master painted, add the crown molding, and get my new curtains hung!
Looking: like I've got some major split ends, thank goodness I have a hair appointment next week
Playing: Pandora on either the Rat Pack channel or Ray Charles channel in the morning as I get ready
Wasting: my evenings sitting out on our new patio furniture!
Sewing: I have a Christmas pillow I need to finish up, but I have several things laid out to start working on.
Wishing: I could have fresh flowered delivered to me at the start of every week!
Enjoying: all of the rain we've had so far this summer....its keeping the heat away
Waiting: for July to get here so we can head out to NOLA, and October to get here so we can get to Canton!
Liking: my longer hair....I struggle because I love it short, but Im trying to let it grow
Wondering: why watermelons cant be THIS good all year long.
Loving: my bed and any extra sleep I can get
Hoping: I can relax a bit this weekend
Needing: a new handbag....I've carried my Dooney every day for the past 4 years...and its starting to show
Smelling: my birthday flowers that I've kept on my desk all week.  Thanks mom!
Wearing: simple jewelry
Noticing: I need to go make a major purchase on my favorite candles
Knowing: I have an amazing husband who is supper supportive and will even come sit with me at work till 10 pm so that I don't have to walk out to my car alone when no one else is in the building
Thinking: new flooring for the house
Feeling: loved this week...it was birthday week
Opening: birthday cards!!!!

Have a nice weekend!

Friday, April 4, 2014

{five} on Friday

Yesssss!!!  Its Friday....and you know what that means!  A quick little {Five} on Friday!!

{one}  Its a working Friday (I work a 9/80, meaning I'm off every other Friday), and the Mr. goes on nights tonight.  So, it looks like I'll make my list of errands to knock out tonight, meaning I wont have to do them Saturday or Sunday!  Got some grocery shopping to do, laundry, bathrooms, oh the list goes on...

{two} Tomorrow I'm headed over to my sister-in-law's house to help her paint our nephew's room.  He's turning 3 soon....and he's getting a new bedroom!  Goodbye nursery, hello Super Heros!
Inspiration Photo
{three}  Last Friday I had my hair dyed...and I just love my girl Patti to pieces!  I show her a picture on Pinterest, and she does it to fit me perfectly.  Recently I decided to grow my hair out (easier to pull back for all of this working out I'm doing....holla!), and to go blonder.  I have fine hair, and it will not hold volume or a curl for anything, especially in his Houston humidity.  But, she taught me how to curl using a flat iron, and I've curled my hair every day this week, getting more compliments at work than I have the 2 1/2 years I've been here!  Here I am today at work wearing my super cute new hat from Bass Pro.

 {four} I've slacked the past 2 days and haven't done a lick of exercise...but I'm itchin' to get back on it today.  I'm loving this DVD by Advocare right now, and running or biking.  If you're looking for a good, quick work out....this one is perfect.  7 work outs, 2 levels, each work out is 24 minutes long.  I'm not one for DVD's in my living room, but this one I love!  You can order your own here.

Advocare Can You 24 Workout DVD
 {five}  On Sunday, I think I'd like to sit down with the sewing machine, especially since its supposed to be stormy all day.  Maybe I can make it to the fabric store on Saturday and pick up some fabric for a few of these projects....I may be dreaming big...but its ok.

Elastic Waist Skirt

I'm linking up with The Good Life Blog today...


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wish List Wednesday: Gettin' Physical

So its been a few days weeks....I'm sorry.  Lately I've been focusing on other things than my blog, like diet and exercise!  The Mr. and I started working out every morning at 4:45 about a month ago.  It was hard at first, but now my body expects the work out, and I'm OK with that.  It doesn't always happen at 4:45 in the morning, but it happens every day!  Our diet also got an overhaul, and it has changed us for the better.  I feel like our marriage is healthy, our attitudes are healthy, and in turn, we are so happy.

This weeks Wish List Wednesday theme is about the healthy and active lifestyle....so lets get started.

  • These Leopard Print Nike Shoes just need to come home with me.  RIGHT. NOW.  Again, I am a lover of all things animal print (and monograms too).

  • Its hard to find nice plus size jogging shorts, but these might work out perfect in my work out wardrobe.
  • But tell me these aren't just darling! 
  • Currently I use a pedometer type system that links up to my calorie and fitness counter profile.  Ultimately, I'd really like to get something like this Garmin Forerunner 305 to get a more accurate reading on distance, calories, and heart rate. 
  •  And last but not least....
A nice, relaxing, and comfortable home gym.  Hey, a girl can dream cant she?!?!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

2014 Goals Check-In

Well...its almost the first day of spring for 2014, so I thought I would recap my goals for the year, and see what I've been (or not been) up to lately!

* Update the his and her closets in the master.

    Still haven't been able to get to this fully, but my closet did get a paint job and a small    adjustment.

* New paint in the master bedroom.

   Trying to decide on the perfect color right now, I keep going back and forth!

* Adding crown molding to the bedrooms.

   Yikes!  Crown molding is expensive....we're having to save a little to knock this one out.

* New flooring in the house

   This might happen later in the year....maybe late fall.

* Updating the feature wall in the breakfast nook.

   I cant decide whether to plank it, or just paint it....your vote??

* Reviving and upgrading some plants in the front yard. 

   Seeing that Houston has had quite a few ice storms this winter, it looks like I will be doing a lot of sprucing up and replacing some plants.  I've vowed not to plant anything new till Easter!

* Starting the flower beds in the back yard, and hopefully laying sod.

   I have big dreams for this.

* Giving new life to the outdoor fixtures and accents.

   A quick dismantle and coat of paint would fix this, but the weather hasn't been cooperating.  Maybe this will happen this weekend.

* Staining the swing I blogged about last year

   Again, this task depends on the weather!

* Trimming trees

    DONE!  You can check out this post to see the results!

* Adding a planked ceiling to the guest bathroom, and new paint on the walls.

   I think this project will fall in the budget of crown molding....so we wait!

* Replace an old and weathered exterior door on the side of the garage

   DONE!  Post to come soon about this update. We even replaced the kitchen door too.

* Find some sort of night stands for the master that I can give a paint treatment to 

   I'm still on the hunt

* Create a gallery wall in the guest bedroom

   I've started this, I just need to get on the ball and FINISH this.

* Update the multi-purpose room.

   No comment!  Haha.

* New curtains for the living room.

   I think a trip to High Fashion Fabrics is where I need to go.

* Replace all door and window trim.

   I think I'd like to complete the next task below before diving into this one.

* Replace interior doors. 

   Must. Buy. One. Every. Week. (Or it will never get done!)

* Add wall treatment to master bathroom toilet room, just for some visual interest!

   I accidentally put all the wood I was going to use, into the burn pile a couple of weeks ago.  

So, in conclusion, I haven't really been that busy it looks like.  In reality I feel like I've been super busy lately.  I'm waiting on a nice sunny day soon to prime and paint all of the exterior doors.  It may have to take all weekend, 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.


Also, this Friday, we're having the air ducts cleaned in the house.  I hate to admit this, but in the 6 years I've been in this house, I've never had this done.  To be honest, I'm really looking forward to it.


Here's to spring and its warmer temps! 

Thanks for following peeps!